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I Love Us | Poetry Video w/ Poem

I love us.

The late night

ipu ti talks

where no one

understands better than

Us. I love

Uncle’s deep tone

that barks and sings

beautiful bass lines.

I love

when you, cousin,

fix your hair between feau’s

while brother

figures out

family night stereo.

I love us

so much

that I hope

for more.

Call me extra

or ova

or dramatic.

But just like how

we share the same

pese on Sunday,

memories of Friday,

and Aunty across town,

we share problems.

Polynesian sized

coconut wireless lies

arrogant pride


I used to try in school

but good grades can't solve

what is to be figured out

at home.

I can’t calculate why

family over everything

is elei’d on our shirts

but isn’t felt by the

person wearing it.

Or why

fourteen year old

daughters suffocate

in fale’s full of

open air.

Or why

sons are ma’d in public

for what they haven’t been taught,

left to deal with their

minds alone.

Am I the only one

Who noticed when

Moana sailed off screen

her fake reality stung?

Where can I find a family

like hers?

She looks

like us.

We were here before.

Painted island looks

like ours.

We were here before.

But those warm, genuine smiles

are hard to come by.

I hope for more.

I hope for honesty.

If we were honest

in front of our faces

instead of behind

woven fans,

the air would be

a lot cooler

and we could move on

to things like climate.

Change starts in the home.

Until we figure out ourselves

we won’t figure out

our solutions.

Until you cherish me,

sister, brother,

cousin, in betweens

you will not cherish us.

It starts within and

within the home.

I love us.

And I hate that we don’t

love ourselves

to the point of

sharing our problems.

There’s no doubt that

we are connected by water,

but shorelines change.

Please allow me to be frank:

our youth are leaving

our young adults are moving

knowledge is fleeing

because this is not working.

Unless we fight

to listen around the table

talk through the pain

I will find love elsewhere.

because the world is vast

and it is not too good for me

to move on.

I love us.

And I am learning

to love myself,

including those who

really love me.

Thank God for real friends

outside of our spheres.

I would choose family

any day over anyone.

But I’m not dull enough

to stay in toxic relationships.

Ironically, you have taught me better.

Maybe that is the solution

to our problem

which surpass tables

where we have been placed.

I am outgrowing our land

but I don’t want to leave

us behind.

How revolutionary

it is to find love

amongst those

who really care.


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