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Zuko Rain (prod. apaulsopaul) | Lyrics

Something don’t seem right, decipher through mine eyes real quick

Days and grace, chains and vain lanes, fading generations

I spy cycles of life

Try care for symptoms

But forget about nature, forget about systems

Forget about sisters, forget about wisdom

This is the same lament that has rung in time since forever


Fresh rain fall down on my shoulder

Wash pain from my brow

I’m over it

I’m over it, this mortal flesh

Kind of feel like a ring that you cannot pull of yourself

Kind of feel like a pressure impacting your mental health

Kind of like suffering that cannot be relieved by wealth

Sorry if you cannot tell, but I am tired of this mess

Of this flesh, of this (yes)

These are tears mankind has cried since forever

Wash me clean

Wash over me


Music and Lyrics by Christiana Galeaʻi

Music by Paul Yang (@apaulsopaul)

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