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Back to You (feat. Regenerit) | Lyrics

You were my Body.

You call this a Body?

Let me set the scene, eighteen, working for village, keen

Following footsteps paved for me, holy matrimony eventually I would see

Many would be wolves, few would prove as sheep, not Bo Peep

Our ties weren’t little, yeah they were deep, at least to me

Words mean much and my words are what I mean, we said “family”

Let yes be yes, let no by no, yes I said “yes,” I meant “yes” I said so

I guess you meant “no,” “I do” mean “I don’t”

Enter trust issues through stained church window

Confession slow, when truth comes to show

You act like it don’t stink, gasp because of a word

When it is the deed that really reek

Conversations in the dark smell the same in light to me, let me be

Ua sau le magogi / The smell has come

To keep being honest, I know we are fallen

Humans make mistakes, imperfection is more common

With that being said, what about the Head

Arms, feet move one way, right, left hand, the leg

Oh Christ, Brother, God, Friend, I’m dead

You claim to be protection when Your body cut and kill

Is this a sick lesson of how You’re faithful still?

Letting the faithful few be the ones on Calvary’s Hill

Is that the deal, is that the bill, how do you really feel?

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi /

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world

Do you like going to church? Yeah.

Do you trust people there? Mmhm.

Really? Like a lot? Yeah... okay.

Regenerit, talk to them.

This pain is too deep, heart is hardened can’t even weep

I’m feeling weak, all this week I’ve been contemplating if I should leave

Leaf that’s far from the tree, leaping out of the keep

I’m on lock with no keys, when will I be released

From this prison of pain, I’m stained with the blood of this beef

Life’s a butcher that’s chopped me to pieces, I got no peace

Feeling like I’m deceased, caught a disease of this bitterness

Wretched thoughts will not cease

Someone call the police, I’ve been robbed of my joy

And God garments torn and I need to be made whole from this hole in my soul

From those that’s Your sheep

Are those even sheep?

All these trust issues flew through the window

This is Your house, its filled with sheep and wolves

Yet my body is a temple, and Your church a Body too

Help us make it through a broken “hallelu”

Rightfully so I go slow with my trust

Testing the spirit and swerving fake love

But even after pain, I’m coming back to You

For You are good.


Go to church.

At the end of it all

I’m coming back to You.


Available everywhere digitally. Thank you Regenerit and Shino B. Smoove for making music with me.

Music and Lyrics: Christiana Galeaʻi

Music: Shino B. Smoove Lyrics: Regenerit

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