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Cases | Poetry Video w/ Poem


Her case tipped my body over

spilled soul into ground

until my back collapsed limp and

I felt her loneliness.

Until land grew sink holes

pulling mind into doubt,

tell me,

how do you do it?

Bend light to hide shadows,

speak Scripture and swoon the young,

does it taste good?

To swallow unsanctified spit and

spew seductive sayings

smothered in shallow remorse?

Older hands,

flesh of her flesh

claim her skin.

Those weren’t praying hands, oh,

he touched her and

I’m not talking by the sweet Spirit.

I can’t help but think:

would your sermons reek

if served as fragrant offering?

His case broke my body

crushed bones out of spine

until my back collapsed limp.

His trust in teachers

flew out your car window and

bashed into my side

until I couldn’t stand the thought of you.

How many students

hate to sing your songs?

Afai e lelei le leo

ae leaga le amio

e tupu mai ai le fati

e sasi ai le pati.

Do you realize,

when holding positions of power

serving public or private

within the sacred institution of church

there are standards to maintain?

A ua tigā le tino e tasi

tigā loʻu nei tino

e tigā foʻi le tino o le ekalesia.

These verdicts

these verdicts

collect petty fees

spur village rumor

usher villains to freedom

and victims to shame.

When one body hurts,

all bodies hurt.

Itʻs simple.

We fail miserably.

We all have no excuse.

Let the court case come.

Tell the truth.


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