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EVEN ONE TWO | Music Video w/ Lyrics

I opened up the door to you, we used to call you family

I even broke my back one two, one two three times I was real

Yeah I would walk through hell with you, trust I know growth is a process

Now its rightfully time to leave 'cause obviously you still love manipulation

I bet that you wish I would forget this

But these lessons have the tendency to stay fresh

I'm not even one to cut ties cause I'm loyal

But consider us done

Allow me to explain myself, actually I don't even want to

This is about mental health and your not wanting to understand

Brings to mind city nights that I died trying to be kind while you twisted words of the Lord

Forgetting my spirit can hear Him directly yes one too can speak

Why you blaming Him for? Manipulation, consider me gone

Seven times seven seven several times


Fa'afetai tele lava Mata Fonoti for making the music

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